12-14 December 2012 Awaji Yumebutai International Conference Center, Awaji, Hyogo, Japan
Conference Program
Late News
Diffractive Optics with Metallic Nanoslits Satoshi Ishii1,2, Alexander V. Kildishev1, Vladimir M. Shalaev1, and Vladimir P. Drachev1
  • Birck Nanotechnology Center, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Purdue University,
  • Advanced ICT Research Institute, NICT,
Nanointerface Fabrication between OLED Device and Flexible Chitin Nanofiber films for Optoelectric Devices Dong-Eun Kim, Hoon-Kyu Shin
National Center for Nanomaterials Technology, Pohang University of Science and Technology,
Eungsoo Seo, Joong Kook Hwang
PROTEM Co., Ltd.
Photoluminescence spectral change of polyfluorene and fluorene copolymers after thermal annealing
Takashi Kobayashi1,2, Emi Nakatsuka1, Takashi Nagase1,2, and Hiroyoshi Naito1,2

  • Department of Physics and Electronics, Osaka Prefecture University
  • The Research Institute of Molecular Electronic Devices, Osaka Prefecture University
In situ observation of slab optical waveguide spectral change for quick detection system of molecules adsorbed on solid/solid interfaces
Tatsuya Saruwatari, Hirofumi, Kawazumi

Department of Chemistry, Kinki University, Kyushu,
Hirotaka Okabe, Tatsurou Nakashima, Naoki Matsuda
Solution Measurement Research Center, AIST,
Electrical characteristics of solution-processable organic field-effect transistors based on small molecule-polymer blends Takashi Nagase1,2, Shogo Wakuta1, Takashi Kobayashi1,2, Masaaki Ikeda3, Kazuo Takimiya4, and Hiroyoshi Naito1,2
  • Department of Physics and Electronics, Osaka Prefecture University,
  • The Research Institute of Molecular Electronic Devices, Osaka Prefecture University,
  • Functional Chemicals R&D Laboratories, Nippon Kayaku Co., Ltd.,
  • Department of Applied Chemistry, Hiroshima University,
For Presenter
a) Oral
The Oral session is held in Main Hall (2F)
The standard device for presentation is a LCD projector with your own PC. Conference PCs, in which MS Windows 7, MS Power Point 2003-2010 are installed, are provided. If you want to use the Conference PCs, please bring your data by USB flash drive and transfer to the computer and check your data before starting your session.
The Macintosh user must bring the connector corresponding to D-SUB 15.
Overhead projectors will not be available.

b) Poster
The Poster session is held in the connecting corridor to the hotel (2F).
The size of a panel for a poster is 88 cm wide and 180 cm tall.
Please prepare your poster in size H160cm W86cm because of 20cm of upper side of poster board is used for the poster number notice.
Push pins will be supplied.
Each poster presenter should displays own board (see the presentation No)
Poster presenters should display their posters from 12 noon and peel off by the session end time of each day.

If you have any questions regarding the above, please contact the secretariat of ICNME2012,